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Monday, December 3, 2007

Christmas Party for Golden Wheat AHSGR

Sunday was that annual Golden Wheat AHSGR Christmas party. This is usually our end of the year fund raiser. Every year we draw tickets for prizes, like the quilt below, for donations. We also sell noodles and cookbooks all year round.
I got the screen up on stage and set up. Set up camcorder while Karen was talking. Everyone found places at tables and then got plates of snacks and punch or coffee.
Karen had K-monster, his best girl pal and my princess granddaughter come up front to help her with the door prizes. She had the kids draw and then they were to deliver a door prize. Well, best girl pal drew her own name right off the bat. Then later K-monster drew his name. The last name that the princess drew was mine. So I let the princess open my prize and then I let her keep it. It was an Avon Christmas angel pin.
Sister Loyolla gave her holiday baking presentation that she’s done for the past few years.
This year she gave a disclaimer before she began to make sure everyone knew that in real life she doesn’t drink!
Ella Deines read the Christmas passage from the bible in German and then in English.

Karen then presented Carol with the shawl, she had a lovely prayer and also a "Prayer Bead/Stone (?)" that she presented to her. I didn't see the other item so am not real clear on what it was.
Then it was time for Harold Popp, a Professor at WSU and professional trombonist. He decided to use the smaller screen with the overhead projector because he said the big screen was too far back. His presentation was to give the history of the songs before playing them, accompanied at times by a soloist and then audience participation.
Dad went to the back room and transformed into Santa with K-monster the elf. The professor ran long with his presentation so Karen decided to have the fund raiser drawings before Santa came. Finally it was time for Santa's arrival. Santa sat down up front and all the children gathered round. Santa handed out all the gifts, sang a song with the children...
and then pictures were taken. Then Santa was off for another year.Dad says someone else will have to take over next year. I then proceeded to take down the big screen, which is always easier than putting it up. Got things loaded up then helped get mom & dad loaded up. Headed straight for home afterward. It was fun, but glad to be home and relax.


Momo Fali said...

I'm exhausted just reading all that went on...and I didn't even have to wear a Santa suit! Sounds like a busy, but lovely day!

Peter said...

Hi! Always one to jump at the first thing I see, I looked upon the quilt and wondered if there was any history behind quilt making in Kansas. I hope I've got this right but I came up with some interesting facts about famous woman of Kansas in relation to quilt making. (I'm sure they're known for other things as well!)

(1)Mary Ellison came to Kansas in 1870. By the age of 92, she estimated, she'd made more than three hundred quilts.

(2)Rose Kretsinger - Quilts made from her award-winning designs are now in an art museum collection.

(3)Kay McFarland sold quilts to put herself through law school in the 1960s. Today she is the first woman on the Kansas Supreme Court.

I'm sure you know about these women but I thought I might mention them just in case.


Anita said...

What an eventful day!!
Sister Loyolla is so cute!
Sounds wonderful...

And Peter, you're Kansas women and quilts facts are interesting, too..
I gave away the only full size quilt I've ever made... I do have one that my Grandmother made in the 20s, though... And several that I don't know the history on... I love old quilts...Not so much on the newer, fancier ones... I like worn, old ones... :)

Moonshadow said...

Oh, Peter! Quilts have an even much bigger history in Kansas than that. The Mennonite quilts are famous worldwide. They've been made and sold for years at their MCC Relief sales and bring many hundred or thousand dollars each! Nothing a Mennonite loves more than a good auction.

Anita - I think Sister Loyolla thought people were taking her too seriously with her "cooking" presentation, the disclaimer really wasn't necessary. lol

I think the only quilts I have are baby quilts that are packed away. I made a sampler like quilt for my daughter while I was carrying her. It was a small one which I embroidered baby animals on every other square.

Moonshadow said...

momo - sorry for not acknowledging your visit. I saw it and read it last night but was too tired to comment. Thanks for coming by!

Peter said...

Hi! I went to the sites you mentioned and was amazed at the variety of quilts being offered at auction.

The labour of love that goes into them from so many woman is heartwarming.

Anita - thank you for the added information - I didn't realise they were being handed to the next generation.