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Monday, May 21, 2012

Shad's Shop - Power & Light

Due to support of friends and family Shad has been able to purchase the material to rewire his shop and primer and paint for the outside. They are going to paint it a blue/grey with white trim to try to match the house. He says he thinks his new lights are a lot brighter than his old ones were.

He wasn't able to get the same breaker box as before so here's the panel he purchased, though he may replace it in the future.

A shot of the light switches by the door. All of the outlet and switch boxes melted in the fire, though some of the wiring survived in places behind the insulation.

A new light outside and yesterday while he was at work his wife and three children started on the painting. They put on the first layer, the primer, and it's looking 100% better already. They did a WONDERFUL job! (I may be a bit biased on that though.)

Shad said it will be a little while before he can do much of anything else, other than finish painting. He needs to save up for larger purchases and his wife insists that she needs to buy groceries (just kidding). On the building itself he needs to buy insulation before putting anything else in. He would like to eventually buy an AC/heat wall unit like we put in my studio. He previously hadn't paneled the walls, the insulation was visible (see the first two pictures of the first post) so I don't know if he plans on paneling before putting in a workbench and shelves. THEN he can start thinking about replacing his tools. All in good time.

AGAIN, Thank you ever so much for all of your prayers and support. We are so very blessed to have all our friends and family in our lives!

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