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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Birthday Boy is Growing Up

It was the oldest grandson's birthday last week and his birthday celebration was Saturday. That's him sprawled out on the couch watching a movie...
He turned 17 years old. Seventeen Years Old! I remember him as a little baby in the hospital bassinet with the long skinny feet.
It was just a small family gathering. He's not much for crowds anyway.
There are only 12 candles on the cake because he didn't want the pink and purple ones from the other package.
These weren't your regular candles. They had wicks on top and some sort of flammable liquid in them which made them burn with different colors.
The Birthday Boy blew out the candles without too much effort.
And after eating cake and ice cream it was time to get to the presents...
He doesn't really get presents so much anymore, he gets money, and he prefers it that way. Any movement in his direction and his hand goes into protective mode over his loot.
The peanuts were a gift from Gr-grandma. Growing boys ALWAYS appreciate food.
Everyone had a good time getting together in celebration, isn't that right, PK?

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