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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Spring Concert 2009

"HEY! It's time to go see sister and brother perform with their other classmates in their Spring Concert!"
I just couldn't pass up posting these two shots that I took little miss Princess Knight.
The concert was Tuesday night, that made a full day with the track meet in the morning. Here's a copy of the program...

Do you see the Princess sitting on the top row where the support beam on the left comes down? Brother is on the far right about 3rd row up on the end.
First up on the program was the National Anthem.
The younger children filled the risers on stage first. Brother is to the right, top row, 2nd from the end.
This was the intro for "Take Me Out to the Ball Game"
...with many of them wearing ball caps and all acting out parts of the song.
...cheering at the end of the song.
Then the older children took the stage. Princess is middle row, 2nd from left in this picture.
Can you find her in the picture below?
Here they're singing "My Bonnie" which they also sang in rounds.
Then the bands played, first the fourth graders...
Below is a pieced together picture of gym and all that came to enjoy.
...then the fifth grade band played.
Little Miss gave her smile of approval...
...and this little girl was conducting from the bleachers while the band played.
Before we left we checked out the children's artwork that hung in the hallways.
Princess thought it rather cool that she was wearing the same shirt she wore when she did her self-portrait.
Quite a busy day! Yesterday we had the Heating/AC guy out to do some major work on our furnace and to check and charge the AC while he was here. Today we're going in to town to get a new microwave, ours gave up the ghost last night. It turns on, but it doesn't cook. If it isn't one thing, it's another.

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