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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

K-Monster's Soggy Track Meet

Monday afternoon K-Monster called me and asked if I could come take pictures of him at his track meet the next day, Tuesday. I told him it was rather short notice, but I could be there. This meet is the make-up meet for the one that was cancelled last week due to the weather. Well, today was soggy/rainy, but there was no lightning. So the meet went on.
First K-Monster participated in the shot put.

See how wet it was? These events took a little longer because one of the other places that is used for these events was flooded.
Next he participated in the disk throw.

His mother got off work in time to catch up with us here.

Then it was over to the track. My daughter and I sat in the bleachers with our umbrellas and waited for his 100M race.
Just look at all the umbrellas.
K-Monster starts pretty well, he's the one in the middle...
I'm not sure if it's him slowing down or the others speeding up.
But he gave it a good run and that's what counts.
His mother and I left after his race and he told me later that it really started raining after we had left. I hadn't noticed at home, guess I just didn't pay attention to what was going on outside.

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