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Friday, September 5, 2008

Labor Day 2008

September 1st was a beautiful day for a barbecue and family gathering. The only thing "bad" was the amount flies, they seemed to show up as soon as I put the tablecloths on the tables. Family started gathering around 2pm.
Here's my daughter trying to convince my brother's grandson that it's OK to put down the military vehicles to ride the roller coaster.
My little granddaughter demonstrates, but they were unsuccessful in convincing him. That's my brother in front.
The other kids were enjoying the hot weather in the pool. Here's my brother's other two grands jumping into the pool.
My older granddaughter was being a diligent lifeguard and scooped up brother's grandson when his water muscle came off when he jumped in.
...if not the roller coaster, there's always the playhouse, swings and stage...
...OK, finally found something that he was happy playing with...
...just look at that mischievous look on his face!
Grandpa had to help him a little but it didn't take him long to get shooting.
...nothing like floating and relaxing...
Here the lifeguard has learned to hover above the water. NOT!
More relaxing under the shade of the trees. Yak, yak, yak.
Pinch nose and JUMP!
...and again.
The muscles stayed on after this jump...
Nap time for adults with full bellies. We had the standard fare of hamburgers and hotdogs and we also had a couple chicken breasts and steaks. On the firepit we cooked potatoes and corn on the cob. Here and there you'd find a foil wrapped onion cooking in butter and sometimes seasonings. The sil started the onion thing on the 4th and before this one I had everyone asking if they needed to bring onions to cook. Sooooo GOOD!
Grandson with the broken leg sat and played with army men...
and the guys were still talking. See the watermelon on the table in the background, nobody seems to be in a hurry to eat it. Plus there's a cake next to it, Mom and Dad's anniversary was the next day (Sept. 2) so we wanted to celebrate this also.
My little artist granddaughter (also the princess) asked me to document her pretty chalk drawing. It's gone today after all the rain we've had.
It was a wonderful day and as usual there was more than enough food for all.


Anita said...

What great pictures! Looks like a fabulous day... you've got the perfect place for family get-togethers...

Moonshadow said...

Thanks, Anita! I've got to have someplace to gettogether outside because I certainly don't have the room inside. Plus outside, the kids can be kids and everyone can have an enjoyable time.