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Friday, March 24, 2017

Peanut Butter Hummus

Want to try something different for meatless Friday? Peanut butter hummus. 
First you make the hummus. 1 can of chick peas/garbanzo beans well rinsed, 4 tbsp peanut butter of your choice (Jiff creamy) and 3 tbsp lemon juice. Blend till smooth. Makes 12 - 2 tbsp servings. I portioned it out on a wax paper covered cookie sheet and froze them. I will thaw them in the microwave as I use them.

Take one soft white corn tortilla (6 inch), top with 1.5 oz baby spinach and microwave for 30 sec to wilt the spinach and soften the tortilla. 

Mix 2 tbsp non-fat plain Greek yogurt with 1 serv of Peanut butter hummus, put half in center of tortilla & spinach and fold in half. Fold one side of tortilla back open and spread with half of remaining hummus and spread the remainder on the other side.

This may sound really strange, but I REALLY like it and it is satisfying for me. I have also used wilted romaine lettuce when I was out of spinach. It's ALL good!

I received an interesting comment on my hummus in the Facebook group I posted in. I am new to hummus so I found this VERY interesting:

"I've done this because I didn't have tahini to make hummus or access to any place that sold tahini. It's a close taste to classic hummus and it works in a pinch. I used organic, all natural peanut butter."

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