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Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas 2012

The weather turned cold just in time for Christmas. There was a light dusting of snow in the early morning hours, but not enough to bother taking a picture. The main concern, the roads. Conditions were still good for mom to be able to drive out. She was going to bring my brother with her, but he was still too sick today and didn't want to spread whatever it is that he has to everyone else.

Food is always abundant at our family gatherings. We have decided to forgo the sit-down meal at Christmas and reserve that for Thanksgiving. The kids are just fine with snacks galore.
Front and center are cream puffs and directly behind it are rice krispy treats my daughter made.
A little different angle. My focus doesn't seem to working as well at it tells me it is.
From the other end of the island is the tub of deviled eggs, two layers, and in the center are ham & turkey roll ups.
This one is a bit blurry but I wanted to show the plate of pretzel Rolo snacks. Some are two pretzels and some are one with an almond. The divided dish has three different kinds of Kisses, nuts, and some other candy.
Back to the other end we had salami, cheese, and crackers. The red bowl is full of string cheese for the kids to snack on. 
The "meats" - pizza rolls, shrimp, chicken nuggets, mini pigs in a blanket, and smokies in BBQ sauce.
Chips, cheese dips, and bread sticks with cheese in them. The three cheese dips are with cheddar and salsa (the children's 'original'), bean and cheese, and cheese with ro-tel (Dillons brand). 
Sitting down to eat with beautiful red tree glowing brightly.
Looks like they all found plenty they liked.
The adult's table before everyone has been seated.
After everyone had MORE than enough to eat, it was time to open presents.
The K-Monster handed the presents out. Not nearly as many packages under the tree as in years past. The children have all grown and are happier with gifts of money that they can pool together to purchase larger items. With everything that there is to be bought it is difficult to know what to buy for anyone.
Waiting patiently.
Pretty Christmas gift bags.
One for you....
...and one for you.
My daughter hands out our envelopes for us, trying to convince them that they should just let her keep them. The weren't convinced.
K-Monster's new shirt.
A big box of puzzles that will be handed out for the kids to put together.

All the gifts were gathered up, wrapping and packaging to the trash. The two granddaughters went home with my mom, their Great-grandmother, for a few days. Several of us sat down to a game of progressive rummy while the others either watched on or went to enjoy their gifts. It was a wonderful family time.

I hope you and yours made some good memories this Christmas also. Our hearts & prayers go out to all who are lonely and/or suffering. May we all be Blessed in the coming New Year!

Merry Christmas
Happy New Year

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