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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Winter Finally Arrived

SNOW! Here it is going into the 2nd week of January and only now is it feeling (or looking for that matter) like winter. This is the first real snow we've had this 2010-11 winter season.
A week or so back I saw a few barely visible snowflakes fall but you had to have been in it to know it had happened.
This has been a nice snowfall. It's not blowing white blinding blizzard. Or drifts towering over fences causing waves across roadways.
It's been enjoyable to sit inside my nice warm house and watch the beautiful winter snowscape. I hope all of you out there are safe and warm, too.


Anonymous said...

We got a couple of inches here today too. Lovely photos!


You make it sound so pretty and nice! LOL! I just don't like driving in it - scary!! Although one good thing - this means sledding time!!

Peter said...

Hi! What can I say, if it doesn't snow it pours and pours and pours, much to our brothers and sisters dislike (hate actually) in Queensland.

Take Care,

Moonshadow said...

Lisa, Bec & Peter - So good to see you all here! My blogging habits have gotten lax so it's wonderful to see the lovely comments.

Lisa - Be careful if you have to get out in it!

Bec - It IS all pretty and nice when you don't HAVE TO get out in it. You better post pictures of you and the kids sledding, that's as close as I'll get to it. :)

Peter - Hope things are starting to dry out down there and all is well for you and yours.

Moonshadow said...

Peter - Just saw a report on the news. Not good. Says there's no relief in sight down there. Prayers for all of you. Stay safe please.