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Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Cause of My Blog Neglect

I think this has been the longest stretch I've gone without posting with no really good excuse. It's not like I've not been home. My mornings are pretty occupied. First thing I do of a morning is go out to the garden. The garden LOOKS good, for the most part. BUT it has not been a good harvest this year. The squash started to do well till the squash bugs took over. And all the other plants are green and pretty, they're just not producing.
This was my harvest today and is really more than what I've had many days. The arugula has been my best crop so far this year. Last year about this time I was blogging about a Bountiful Harvest.
When I finish in the garden I get on my bike. One of my grandson's rode with me one day earlier in the summer. He asked if I was going to take "that", meaning my cart. I inherited this cart from my son and didn't get the attachment to connect it to my bike, so it is bungee cord strapped and not easily removed. So, YES, it goes with me. I carry all sorts of things in my cart. My bike is old and is a challenge to ride. I have two of 10 gears, 1st and 6th. I don't use 1st. The brakes work, but really squeak, so I try not to use them.
Here is my route. The X in the lower right hand corner is my house. My daughter assures me that this route is two miles. They checked it with the car when she started walking for exercise several years ago. The route is a challenge because the roads are paved, dirt & chert. There are also slight inclines along the route. Currently I ride 3 laps.
When I get home I scratch on the back window to let dh know I'm home then I go out to the pool, turn the stereo to NPR and get changed into my swimsuit to cool off, stretch and relax in the pool. Here lately the water has been REALLY cold getting in, but once I get used to it, it's really nice. I'm going to miss the pool when the weather gets cold.
And then there's yard work. Mowing and trimming and just general keeping things looking nice. The grass has stayed green all summer and I haven't watered it once, which is odd for as hot as it was.
This shot is from the backyard shooting just opposite from the front diagonal. Lots of work I still need to do, especially in the back. The sandplum thicket needs to be cut back so I can cut the trees out of it. And I need to clean things out from behind the shower house. I still want to build a leanto on the back of it.
My flowers were sure pretty. The loofah haven't produced anything yet, though they have had plenty of blooms.
My giant sunflower have gotten very heavy heads. I need to get them before the birds and other animals do. The birdhouse squash was suppose to have grown up over the top, but the heat stunted it's growth. I do have one squash though. You can see it hanging at the bottom of the sunflower toward the center of the picture.
My container plants on the porch didn't get all bushy like they did last year and the morning glory are thinner than I've ever seen them. I need to sand and paint my stair handrails yet this summer.
But I'd say the biggest cause for my neglect of my blog is this...

...way too much time on Facebook!!!

Hope everyone has had a wonderful summer. Kids are back in school here, I wave at them when I see them on the playground as I ride my bike. Into another season we go.


Peter said...

Hi! Good to see you back on the airways! You have been busy, haven't you. The yard and garden looks great. I am just about to start my garden reno with my sons upcoming wedding in October.

Putting a ton of mulch and flowering annuals in to spruce things up for the happy couple. First I have to knock the weeds on the head before I do though.

As for your bike work, remember, no pain, no gain.

Take Care,

Moonshadow said...

Good to be back, Peter! You WILL post pictures of your yard reno, won't you? Working on expanding your empire, eh? Getting them all married off so you can spoil more grandbabies. :)

As for the bike work... there has definately been pain, especially when I get a wind to add to the resistance.

You better get busy on the yard, October is less than a month away!

FishHawk said...

"KS Born" has been included in this weeks Sites To See. I hope you like the image I featured, and I hope this helps to attract many new visitors here.


P.S.: My dad was born and raised in Blue Mound, KS, which is around 20 miles northwest of Ft. Scott.

Oz Girl said...

You are so funny... I was all ready to respond that we've all neglected our blogs over the summer due to the outdoor chores and then I get to the end of your post and your admission... FACEBOOK!! LOL

Re: the garden looking good yet not producing, I think much of the cause was our extreme heat this summer. Hopefully next summer will be better! :)

Moonshadow said...

FishHawk - Thanks for inclusion on your "Sites To See". I have left a comment on your blog.

Oz Girl! - I think I need a 12 step program for Facebook addiction!!

I'm ready to till my gardens under, except that I have loads of green tomatoes on the plants.