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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Small Town Snapshot Sunday #14

Bountiful Harvest!

With the weather being cooler than usual I've been going out to collect from my garden every other day and every time I have at least two of these baskets full of vegetables. I am currently giving away vegetables to friends and family because my freezer is full.

On Sundays our little town is usually very quiet. This afternoon I put two baskets of vegetables in my bike cart and rode over to my daughter's house. She only took a few yellow tomatoes and a bell pepper. I thought I might find someone else out enjoying the weather to give some veggies to but the streets were pretty empty. I did find my daughter's neighbor getting out of her car and she took one zucchini. I rode to my dil's house and she took the rest of the tomatoes and the other bell pepper. Her mother was there visiting and she took the zucchini off my hands to give out at where she works. I really hate for veggies to go to waste.

Update on my dad: He had gone home on Friday but was back in the hospital Saturday night, low blood pressure.

Small Town Snapshot Sunday


Tanya said...

Lucky you to have such a nice garden! I'd take any extra veggies off your hand if I were your neighbor. I wish I had room for a big garden....maybe one day :)

Moonshadow said...

I think my neighbors have gotten all the veggies they can handle. One neighbor had tomatoes before I did so we did a tomato / zucchini exchange. Do you have room to do container gardening? People in apartments are growing gardens on their balconies. :)