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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Giving Gardens 2009

Sunday my son, granddaughter and I were at the Giving Gardens Show at Century II in Wichita Kansas with our T&S Mobile Projectors big screen and projector for Entercom's presentations.

After we got set up, granddaughter and I went out with the camera and camcorder and got pictures. Here are two slide shows that I've put together with pictures I took. There's 50 pictures in each. I haven't looked at the video yet that the granddaughter took, it ought to be interesting.

Because I could not get the slideshows to work in this post, I have posted them individually at these links...

The Green Day guest speakers were all very informative and interesting. The granddaughter was even involved in a couple of presentations.

There were 5 (I believe) drawings for $500 cash each. The winner had to be present to win. I think they gave away all but one $500 drawing.

KNSS's Steve Macintosh and Ted Woodard MC'd the giveaways.

It was a fun day that lots of people came out to enjoy and get ideas for their home and gardens.

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