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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Lovell Family Reunion 2008 - Page 1

We arrived at our lodging, Savannah Suites, in Arvada Colorado around 1:30 pm on Friday, August 1. We decided to get a bite to eat, so my sil and I took a walk down the street to a Walgreen to pick up a few things, then across the street from the suites to Popeye's for some chicken and sides. We stopped at a convenience store for some cold drinks on the way back. When checking out the facilities at the suites we ran into a couple other cousins that said there were others at the hosts home so we decided to drive over and visit.
When we got there, everyone had gone. We figured they had gone out to eat because of the hour we arrived.
Below is a shot looking down the end of their road.
Early on Saturday morning we all gathered at the hosts home and caravaned out into the mountains...
...through tunnels...
...to Silver Plume.
Here we got together to ride on a narrow gauge railroad called the Georgetown Loop.
I took many, many pictures, so I've tried to cut it down to just a few...
The train took turns that allowed a view of the cars ahead. You can see in the shot below a picture of one of the cousins taking a picture of us taking pictures of her. I haven't gotten a copy of her picture yet.
Just a shot of mountains ahead.
Here we're approaching a bridge that we're getting ready to cross.
This bridge is a recreation of the actual bridge that was originally here.
Can you see the town in the valley? I think this is Silver Plume.
This one is looking down from the bridge. See the track? A road runs under the bridge also.
This shot is looking back at the bridge as we descend down the side of the mountain.
Here we come back around and travel under the bridge.
Below the engine is put on the the other end of the train and we head back to the Silver Plume depot.
Back over the bridge.
Here's another shot of the town. Can you see it?
On the trip back our tickets get punched.
I took lots of pictures of the streams that we crossed, here's just one of them.
If you click on this one, you can see the engine better. One of the engineers is standing on a step on the side. I'm afraid I'd get vertigo standing out over the edge of the mountain like that.
Here's another cloud shot. What does it look like to you? (cont. below picture)
My friend watching the house while we were gone said the same thing I did initially. It looks like a butterfly. But when I looked at it again, it looks like a "W", which is the friends first initial.
Below is an engine pulling another engine from the engine house to move it to the other side of the engine house.
One of the passenger cars setting on a side track.
Some of the pretty little flowers growing around the depot.
Walking down a side track in front of the depot I came to the end of the track and a pile of rail spikes. Growing next to the rusty spikes were these pretty little daisies.
And the engineer waves goodbye as he heads out with another load of tourists to see the mountains and maybe visit the silver mine.
More Lovell Reunion to come...


Oza Meilleur said...

Thanks for the ride!

What a great time it must have been, I enjoyed every photo. Almost wished you had gone to that little town in the valley...you got me curious. :-)

Beautiful photos that tell a beautiful story. Thanks again.

Big hugs always,
Mudd a.k.a. Oza

Anita said...

Fabulous pictures! You know how much I love trains... What a great trip!

Love the wildflowers with the spikes...

Bob Johnson said...

Great pics, thanks for sharing, the cloud looks like a pipe wrench to me,lol

Brenda said...

Your photo-filled post really gave a been-there feel to the narration! If not the same trip, I took a similar narrow gauge train ride some 14 years ago ... and this really brought those memories back! (I especially enjoyed your photo of the creek ... beautiful!)