Random Acts of Living

Monday, April 28, 2008

OR - CA 2008 / Chapter 6

Tiny Treasures
I discovered that Aunt Kathy and I share a common interest in collecting miniature treasures. Below is a man with a large sombrero napping against what we believe to be a well.
Here you can see the size of it when compared to a quarter.
Several of these tiny tools actually work. The knife opens as do the pliers and cutters.
Here's Aunt Kathy's treasure chest for her tiny treasures. I believe it was made by one of Aunt Kathy & dad's uncle.
The outside is made of metal with the inner box being wood.
Below are a few more of her treasures, rattlesnake rattles and arrowheads.
Dad said there were lots of arrowheads around where they grew up in eastern Colorado.


Anita said...

Wow! How awesome are those treasures! I think the box is my favorite, though... I LOVE little trinket boxes!

Alice said...

So cool! I was surprised to see how tiny the little figure is compared to the quarter. Your camera takes great close-ups.

Moonshadow said...

I just love things in miniature, and you can collect so many more in a much smaller place. : )

Oh, and did I mention how much I love my new camera. These shots were taken before acquiring my new macro lens, too.