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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Boot Camp 2008

Cardio Mike had his first day of Boot Camp for 2008 at Genesis in Hutchinson KS on Monday. There was a huge group that signed on for this 5 week workout. First, Roll Call... ...then a warm-up.
Counting sit-ups...
Counting push-up to compare for progress at the end of Boot Camp.
Because of the chill outside, Cardio Mike gets them sweating with an inside workout.
Keep 'em moving, Mike!
Work IT!
Cardio Mike's got them sweating now.
Knees high...
Get 'em up!
Work IT...
Work IT!
Everybody gather round...
Feel the Energy!
Cardio Mike treated with a sandwiches from Subway and veggie trays from Dillons!
Keep your eye on my blog for updates on how Boot Camp 2008 progresses and be sure to check out Cardio Mike new website...HERE!


Bob Johnson said...

Man, that is something I so need to do, get in some kind of healthy fitness program, with good food after of course,lol.

meverhart said...

How much does this cost? Is it in addition to the genesis membership?

Moonshadow said...

Greetings meverhart! I just talked to Cardio Mike and he said that the Boot Camp has an additional fee but it varies. Click on the Boot Camp link at the beginning of the post and you can contact him via Genesis in Hutchinson or go to his "About" page and email him.