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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Golden Wheat Chapter Genealogy Meeting

Sunday April 10th was the Genealogy meeting of the Golden Wheat Chapter of the American Historical Society of Germans from Russia.

Our meetings begin with a covered dish dinner and there is always a wonderful variety of tasty foods.

Great selections at the desert table, too.

Our president, Karen, asked for blessings for all present and those unable to attend. 

Then it was time to chow down!

Our Watkins table was set up to take orders to keep us supplied with their excellent products and contribute to our funds.

After everyone had sufficiently stuffed themselves we all moved over to our library (the bookshelves in the back) for our Genealogy meeting after a short chapter business meeting. Our featured speaker was Melvin Epp discussing his recent book on his Epp family history going back as far as he could trace them. 

His second book, "For the Children: Pursuing Religious and Political Freedoms." His ancestors joined the Anabaptists movement after the Protestant Reformation of 1517. Generations of the family relocated from Holland to West Prussia, to southern Russia, and finally to America in the 1880s in the continuing search for places where they could practice their Mennonite religion with freedom. By now his grandfather Epp has over 700 descendants living in the US enjoying the freedoms that the family sought through the years.

Then Dennis introduced everyone to the AHSGR website and what resources are available online for research. This was interactive and everyone was encouraged to ask questions about their ancestors.

Another GREAT meeting. 


René Garcia said...

My old blogging friend Moonshadow! I'm so glad you're still keeping up with it. I've just recently returned to my site and I've been revisiting old posts, and I want you to know that I always valued your visits. I didn't feel so friendless. Anyway, take care. I'll stop by again.

Moonshadow said...

Hey René! I really should post more than what I do. I keep telling myself that I'm going to go back and add posts, I have the pictures and can use my journal entries to get the details right. I just need to close Facebook from time to time. I do miss my old blogging friends, so many of them have quit blogging. I've had a couple completely disappear and I fear for what may have happened to them. I appreciate you reconnecting, my blogging friends hold a special place always. :)

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

May we display your header on our new site directory? As it is now, the site title (linked back to your home page) is listed, and we think displaying the header will attract more attention. In any event, we hope you will come by and see what is going on at SiteHoundSniffs.com.