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Friday, December 18, 2015

A Smiley Birthday

The Princess Knight has a new handle, Smiley. Grandpa has been calling her this for a while and Princess Knight has kind of retired. So Smiley it is!

Watching a movie and waiting for the party to begin.

Cake and cupcakes await.

Equine themed plates and napkins.

Pizza for the party with two pieces set aside for dad.

Mom giving brother a bite of pizza. In the background Gr-grandma and Aunt Missy inspect the kitchen island rebuild that Aunt Shandy did.

Big brother on the couch watching a movie and eating pizza.

The party guests have arrived and everyone gets pizza.

Movie time.

Smiley with her birthday cake.

Cake closeup.

How many candles? 12?

(Note the hat on Aunt Shandy's head. Smiley was not happy, told her she was going to steal it.)

Mom and her frosting antics. At least there's no face in the cake and only frosty on the nose.

Cupcakes and ice cream for everyone.

Smiley cleaning up her face.

Time to open the presents.

Candy and fun stuff.

Somebody knows her, she loves her candy canes.
(Note the hat now on Smiley's head. Smiley is a happy camper!)

Nail decorating.

Bracelet making.

Nutella from Gr-grandma.

A Diamond Sword!

And cash.

She said read the card. It's a really funny card. Human bean, get it? Human being.

Hanging on tight to the Diamond sword and the cash while keeping an eye on the Nutella. All coveted presents. 

Dad made it home in time for cake and presents. Little brother is all partied out.

And there went the Nutella, get the thief use your Diamond Sword!

Another Happy Birthday, Another Year Older!

Have a WONDERFUL year Smiley, next year you'll be a TEENAGER!!!

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