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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Golden Wheat Chapter AHSGR Picnic

There was a pretty nice turn out for the annual picnic of the Golden Wheat Chapter AHSGR.
After registration we gathered for a prayer then lined up for the feast.
The food is always wonderful and in abundance.
One thing we are not short of is good cooks.

Sorry I didn't get a picture of the desert table but you can see it was a popular place.

Karen began the meeting.
Karen and Dennis gave brief reports from the Convention and Headquarters.
(*Note Ella sitting on the end here.)
Joan brought her grandmother's cross.

Ella read *Ella's story for her.
 Melvin shared his grandfather's contract for the sale of Schönhorst (Scheromet).
The contract and translation.
Fay brought a picture of her as a little girl.
She said she still has parts of the teddy bear.
Vail brought a German bible with family history.
Some of it is a mystery that needs more research.
Ella brought passport, ship's list and info on the ship when her grandmother came over.
Karen shared history from her husband's family.
The piece of material they believe was a front piece to a wedding dress belonging to the women pictured. Her husband's great-grandmother.
Dolly brought a key-chain she recently received from her older sister.
She believes her grandfather carried it for many years.
Dennis brought a few items. The trunk was the "suitcase" that was brought over from Russia.
The paper was a parish "shcein" (document). Used to transfer from one church to another. Also used as ID.
Lastly he held up the little wooden piece and asked if anyone knew what this was...
I was the last to present (no picture of me). I brought a New Year's Greeting for 1829 written in German, a letter written in 1877 from Russia, fabric that my great-grandmother brought over from Russia and a receipt for a newspaper written on the back of a political ticket for Grover Cleveland.
Oh, the little wooden object Dennis had? It was his grandmother's noodle board, for cutting noodles.

What a fun and enjoyable meeting. If you'd like to hear the full stories the DVD for the meeting is in the Golden Wheat library. The library is open from 1:30 to 4 PM on the second Friday of each month.

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