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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Bierock Bake Fundraiser 2012

Our Golden Wheat Chapter AHSGR held its annual bierock bake to raise funds. There was a lot of prep work that went into getting ready for the day but...
Here's how it works:

You need lots and lots of dough...

...and because it's frozen you have to warm it up...

...and you need lots and lots of meat & cabbage...

...that needs to be measured out just so...

...then you roll out the dough into nice little circles, put the meat and cabbage filling on it and pinch it all together nicely sealed.

At peak production in the afternoon we had two stations with 3 rollers and 1 sealer.

Before baking they need to rise...

Sorry I can't supply you with the smell, that would just be teasing you anyway, since you can't have one, but aren't they beautiful?

We don't want to leave out all the other hard workers, we had plenty of great help with keeping the baking sheets cleaned up and ready for the next batch, plus all the other needed tasks in the kitchen...

And one of the most important jobs, getting the finished product all boxed up and marked for who they are to go to...
Another GREAT fund raiser! And it seems like no matter HOW MANY we bake, there's always more people asking to be put on the list to buy them.


Peter said...

Sorry for the late reply. My last post was a duplication of the original. I am sorry, but at the moment, I am being treated for "Post traumatic stress" which is taking it's toll at home and elsewhere.

Please forgive me for lacking as a friend. Best Wishes to you and family. BTW My son and his wife had a baby boy - 6th April, 2011. All most 12 lbs 4oz

Best of Friends,
Peter McCartney
(please forgive me)

Moonshadow said...

OH! Peter, Dear Friend, no forgiveness necessary. I have just been concerned by your lack of posts. I too have neglected my blog and blogging friends in the past year. So sorry to hear of the PTS problem. Just do what you need to and get feeling better.

How WONDERFUL about the 2nd grandbaby, and what a BIG boy he is.

My thoughts and prayers will be with you and your family,