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Friday, September 9, 2011

Traveling Trunk at the Golden Wheat AHSGR library

The Traveling Trunks are a program through the Kansas Historic Society. Harold procured for us the Volga German Immigrants in Kansas Traveling Resource Trunk.
From the KHS page, "Follow a family’s journey from Germany to Russia to Kansas. Read an immigrant’s journal. Explore traditions. Learn about immigration through the experiences of Volga German immigrants. Historical information, replica artifacts, music, and photographs included in this trunk tell the story of settlement in Ellis County."

"The manual in this trunk contains fourteen sections containing content information about the Volga German immigrant experience. Topics range from an exploration of why they left Russia to settlement patterns in Kansas to traditional housing, food, and clothing."
This trunk contains:

Teaching manual
2 aprons
2 scarves
2 caps
bridal veil
2 pipes
kraut cutter
kraut stomp
newspaper page
2 sets of "Purchasing Activity Cards" (84 cards)
39 photographs
Books: Conquering the Wind & German Hero Sagas and Folk Tales
Cassette Tapes
Tape #1 - Volga German Music and "Exodus to Freedom" (songs)
Tape #2 - Volga German Dance Music
Tape #3 - Spoken Verses in German and English

Some members even found pictures of their own families among the material in the trunk. We're happy to see the KHS has such a wonderful teaching aide in their collection.

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