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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt 2011

A beautiful, sunny, Kansas windy day for our annual Easter Egg hunt. A crowd begins to form in the park.

Parents with cameras are everywhere.

I've one grandchild here that doesn't feel too big to hunt Easter Eggs. Or, she REALLY likes chocolate.

The Easter Bunny joins us at the hunt.

With all the children divided up into age groups they're walked over to the soccer field that is strewn with foil wrapped chocolate eggs.

Once they're all lined up at their designated area they're given permission to go hunt for all they can find.

Look at her go! On a bee line for the egg straight ahead.

Lot's of little eggs to be had, enough for all.

Mom and sis join her to walk back to the park.

A good hunting trip, though some appear to be a bit mushy. Maybe they all should spend some time in the freezer before attempting to unwrap them.

Another Happy Easter Egg Hunt for all!


Peter said...

I'm a glutton for chocolate so when Easter comes around, I'm in heaven!

Take Care,

Moonshadow said...

And a month later I finally get around to replying to your comment! Well you can see how well those little foil wrapped chocolate eggs faired in heat that day. See the melted chocolate on the inside of her bag. LOL I remember one Easter egg hunt many years ago that the eggs got so hot and soft they couldn't pick them up because they were almost liquid. Seems like that year after that they didn't use the chocolate eggs. Obviously they're back to using them.

Always good to hear from you my long distance friend!