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Thursday, April 30, 2009

May Day Eve 2009

Here it is, the day before May Day and I'm way behind in my postings. I should be getting a post up about Big Boys Toy Show shortly, I still have some pictures to post in my company blog that I will link to. I also see that I neglected to post the last basketball games for K-Monster and the Princess. Then there was the bierock bake, a birthday party or two, Easter and Fun Fair. I have a lot of catching up to do. On top of that everything is greening up and outdoor chores beckon. My inside plants are blooming. Here's flower on my Oxalis - Shamrock. My husband bought this for me many years ago and it's pleasantly been a low maintenance plant.
This pretty pink flower...
...is on my Angelwing Begonia. This year is the first time that it's bloomed. I moved it out the front porch today...
...so it could enjoy the rain. It's been raining since last week. There was a couple days that we got a break and I went out and mowed down the tall grass/weeds before it started raining again.
But my garden is going to go in late again this year. My new rototiller arrived the other day...
...but the shelter for it won't be here till Saturday and I need to let the garden dry a few days before I even think about running the tiller in it. Well, I guess I have time to work on my posts if I can't get out in the garden.

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